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- Aaron Carter's fiancée Melanie Martin wants a second autopsy performed on the singer after revealing she has lingering suspicions about his official cause of death. According to California.But Melanie, who shares a child with Aaron, has said she is not satisfied with the findings after his sudden death last year, aged 34. She has said there are still aspects of the circumstances of his passing that don't make sense to her.The fact that he was partially clothed in the bathtub when his body was found, could point to a third party being involved. Concerns: Aaron Carter's fiancée Melanie Martin has called for cheapest alprazolam Generic online a second autopsy as she questioned his official cause of death of 'accidental drowning' after taking Xanax and 'HUFFING'There was also a mention in Aaron's autopsy of a small abrasion on his left eyebrow and another one at the base of his septum, which could indicate that there was some kind of struggle. Melanie has said she is considering the possibility of having Aaron's body examined a second time by a medical professional, a private one hired by the family.She added that Aaron would want no stone unturned and she needs the peace of mind that nothing has been missed. Yet getting a second autopsy is a costly procedure and Melanie has told the site she does not know if she Can You Buy ALPRAZOLAM Online in UK? afford it.  Aaron's mother, Jane Carter is also convinced that there could have been some foul play and she is not convinced that the theory has been investigated enough. Melanie has been going door-to-door looking for surveillance footage in the neighbourhood and also wants police to look into drug dealers who might have had an issue with Aaron. Carter's autopsy results showed he had consumed alprazolam, which is a generic form of Xanax, and inhaled compressed difluoroethane.'He inhaled compressed difluoroethane, a propellant used in cans of compressed air, [empty] a practice commonly known as 'huffing.' Aaron was 'incapacitated while in the bathtub due to the effects' of the substances, according to officials.His body was found in his home November 5, 2022.

Authorities said in the report that the entertainer, under the influence of the substances, 'slipped under the water' and drowned.  The latest: The autopsy for singer Aaron Carter revealed that he drowned in his bathtub after consuming Xanax and huffing ahead of his death at 34 last year.

Pictured in February 2022 in Las Vegas  Coroner's officials in January ruled out drowning as his primary cause of death, becauseMelanie previously said: 'It claims death is by drowning but also adds he was wearing a T-shirt and necklace in the bathtub which doesn't make sense, why would he be in a bathtub with clothes on?' Martin said. She continued: 'I am still in shock and still miss Aaron every day. I don't understand the chain of events and this report only has us asking more questions.'Martin previously told the outlet that she felt that the singer had been felled by his drug abuse. She said she had turned  his phone into authorities, which included a text message exchange in which Carter said that he owed an unnamed person $800 for an undisclosed substance.In the alleged exchange, according to Martin, the singer told the other party he was conversing with that he no longer wanted the substance.The other party demanded the $800 in the text, Martin said, at which point Carter asked if he was being threatened, which was the last communication in the exchange. The late singer's mother Jane Carter shared images of the bathtub and home he died in last month in a bid to bring more attention to the probe of his passing  Another image showed a towel and a hooded sweatshirt on the floor of the bathroom Carter was found in A person was seen near a toilet in the late singer's home in photos his mother publicly posted in the wake of his passing  Jane explained her rationale in posting the harrowing images online Carter's autopsy results showed he had consumed Order ALPRAZOLAM Tablets Online Next Day Delivery, which is a generic form of Xanax cod overnight delivery, and inhaled compressed difluoroethane,' according to the Los Angeles County Medical Examiner, TMZ reported Tuesday The late singer's mother Jane Carter shared images of the bathtub and home he died in last month in a bid to bring more attention to the probe of his passing.Jane said she didn't believe that her son's death was the result of a drug overdose, but rather foul play, in sharing the images of the home taken the day of her son's death.Another image showed a towel and a hooded sweatshirt on the floor of the bathroom Carter was found in, and a toilet in the bathroom.Jane said that Aaron's family and friends had fully supported her in posting the images from the painful day, in an effort to garner further attention on the case from law enforcement.She said that there 'should have been at least an investigation' into the premature death, and that 'because of [her] son's mental illness and prescription drug issues [the police] just wanted it to be something easy that they didn't have the time or inclination to address.'Jane added: 'We want justice.

We want answers. There are people who must be held accountable.'Speaking with last month, Jane Carter said that her late son was harassed online by 'number of people' who she felt could be suspects in his death.She added that law enforcement did not see Carter in person when they conducted a welfare check at his domicile.Jane Carter said that while her son battled drug addiction, she didn't suspect him to be self-harming.'He was an addict, but I don't think he wanted to die,' Jane said.

'I don't think he would have been doing that much of that aerosol.'